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A Truly International SEO Agency

Fast road

This is our first step to becoming a truly international SEO agency. Brath was always meant to be an agency with worldwide search rankings and this is also how the company was born. We started out working in a large number of countries but for a while we scaled back. Now it’s time to go […]

Five Signs That You Have A Technical Debt to Pay

Old tech

Sites that have been active for a long time often have a technical debt to pay before they can rank high in the search engines. This is often due to old ‘inheritances’ which might be difficult for a new webmaster to know about. Here are five signs that you have a technical debt to pay. […]

When good SEO can’t be implemented

I usually say that search engine optimization is relatively simple. It’s not that hard knowing what’s best in a lot of situations, because the basics of SEO are simple. It might become more complex when you face choices, such as is this kind of navigation better than that? But there is one occasion when it […]

Don’t Implement SEO After You Have Built Your Site!

Website mindmap on a blackboard

Many people believe that SEO is something that you add to the site once it is ready. And yes, there are many cases when SEO is implemented after you’ve started, but if you’re about to switch platforms, then it is a really good idea to bring your search engine optimizer on board. There have been […]

SEO is Google’s only (real) competitor


Is it Facebook? Maybe Apple? No. SEO is Google’s toughest competitor. It might be a bit surprising, but many small agencies around the world represent Google’s biggest competition. Ask yourself what proportion of clicks in a search result comes from the organic results and the ads respectively. Of course, this will vary significantly between keywords […]

Digital Marketing – What Actually Works?

Digital marketing

It’s time to talk about online marketing. Many people still seem to believe that it’s possible to create digital marketing by taking a print ad and digitalising it. If your primary goal is to spend a lot of money, this might be the model for you, but if you’re interested in getting the maximum effect […]

I Want More Languages on My Site, How Do I Do It? 


The time when a company outgrows its domestic market is often associated with a lot of hassle, for a lot of different reasons. Payment solutions must be implemented, the product portfolio and descriptions must be adapted to other markets and you need to set up customer service solutions, to mention just a few of the […]

Google Won’t Index My Site

Index cards

One of the most basic parts about SEO is indexing. If Google can’t, or won’t, save your site documents in their index, no other actions will make any difference, they still don’t have anything to show. In this blog post I will discuss indexing and solutions to when Google won’t index anything at all on […]

Do Not Focus Unduly on Individual Keywords

Search engine optimization has changed in recent years, as has our view of how to work with it. An important factor is that you no longer need to attach as much importance to specific pages and keywords in order to take positions with them. In the past, search engine optimization was much more straightforward: you […]

Basic course in SEO

Want to learn SEO from scratch? We have put together a nine-step guide on how you can improve your website to make search engines love it. You will find all the nine steps below. What is search engine optimization? Why should you do search engine optimization? How to do a keyword analysis The visitor doesn’t […]