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Brath is a specialized agency with a firm grip on SEO and SEM. You can calmly lean back and let our recognized specialists untangle your knots. We can also promise you that you won´t experience any difficulties, no subscriptions, and no complicated agreements. Our objective is always your profitability, something that should be the case in all forms of online marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most powerful digital marketing tools there is. You reach the customer the moment she or he is looking for your particular product.

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Google Ads

AdWords is not just about being seen on the front page, being ranked high and increasing traffic. It´s about finding the right visitors, those qualified leads that will be converted into customers.

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Keep internal linking to a minimum

I’m going to give you an advice that most SEO professionals disagree with, the opposite of what I’m going to tell you is repeated over and over again at beginners courses in SEO and they are all wrong. A lot of SEO’s will tell you to keep your site structure as flat as possible, the fewer [...]

How to optimize for Google’s featured snippets a.k.a. position zero

Two terms that more and more frequently have been popping up on people's radar are "featured snippet" and "position zero", which are actually one and the same. In today's article we will give you short explanations of what a featured snippet is; How much organic traffic you can expect from a featured snippet; As well [...]

SEO is not Soft Science

A very common misconception that drives me nuts is the notion of Guruness and Ninja-qualities in SEO. Dealing with an algorithm is not meditation, it’s not throwing shurikens and it’s not even slightly wizard-related. No wands or staves are ever used. I honestly didn’t learn much at the science engineering program I attended back in the [...]

IDN – Internationalized domain names and SEO

If you’ve ever done SEO outside the English speaking part of the world you’ve ran into Internationalized Domain Names for sure. It might not be 100% clear how the get handled by Google though so I thought I’d sort things out for you. IDN:s didn’t work out very good in the beginning when they were launched. [...]

SEO is Google’s only (real) competitor


Is it Facebook? Maybe Apple? No. SEO is Google's toughest competitor. It might be a bit surprising, but many small agencies around the world represent Google's biggest competition. Ask yourself what proportion of clicks in a search result comes from the organic results and the ads respectively. Of course, this will vary significantly between keywords and [...]

Don’t Implement SEO After You Have Built Your Site!

Website mindmap on a blackboard

Many people believe that SEO is something that you add to the site once it is ready. And yes, there are many cases when SEO is implemented after you’ve started, but if you’re about to switch platforms, then it is a really good idea to bring your search engine optimizer on board. There have been many [...]

Google Won’t Index My Site

Index cards

One of the most basic parts about SEO is indexing. If Google can’t, or won’t, save your site documents in their index, no other actions will make any difference, they still don’t have anything to show. In this blog post I will discuss indexing and solutions to when Google won’t index anything at all on a [...]

Do Not Focus Unduly on Individual Keywords

Search engine optimization has changed in recent years, as has our view of how to work with it. An important factor is that you no longer need to attach as much importance to specific pages and keywords in order to take positions with them. In the past, search engine optimization was much more straightforward: you built [...]