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    By showing up at the top of the organic search results (not the ads), you will be able to direct interested customers to your site in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Well-implemented search engine optimization often returns tenfold or even better on the investment.

    It’s easy to think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something mysterious. Your SEO consultant does something secret on the web and just like that, you’re getting customers from Google. Although SEO can be complex, it does not work like that. When working with SEO we work with an algorithm. Admittedly, it is an intricate algorithm but still nothing more than a computer trying to understand and sort information on the internet.

    Who we help with SEO

    We are convinced that if you had a complete understanding of search engine optimization, if you knew how every agency worked and if you knew search engine optimization inside and out – you would choose us. Today, we help more than 300 clients to be visible in search engines. Here are some examples.

    What clients are saying about us

    Bisnode AB is a leading European data and analysis company operating in 19 countries. We have been working with Brath since 2018 and this partnership has been a tremendous help in the optimization of our sites, both technically and keyword-wise. An efficient and easy cooperation with knowledgeable and professional individuals at a competitive price.


    We are very satisfied with our partnership with Brath. They have helped us become more visible to our customers and candidates in an efficient and result-focused manner. They are helpful and provide tailor-made solutions based on our unique needs. They are very service minded with a ‘no problem’ mentality. We highly recommend them!


    Nordfönster has worked with Brath for nearly two years. We are very satisfied with the assistance that got us to the top of the rankings for the keywords we saw were important in our industry. Having the same contact person throughout has also been a huge advantage. The dialogue is always professional and easy-going, which creates a good relationship.
    We would gladly recommend Brath to others.


    We have achieved amazing results and continuously received all the help we needed. Over the years, we have worked with several agencies that deliver the same service, but Brath has given us what we previously lacked. They have provided expertise and good planning, which made us achieve our goals quickly and smoothly.


    We are very happy with our cooperation with Brath AB. They deliver a quality solution that suits our business and strategy perfectly. It was especially important for us to be able to automate the work to achieve more efficient results, and we can really say that the company has exceeded our expectations here. A big thank you to all staff at Brath AB for all your efforts and assistance.


    “When experience counts, only the best is good enough.” This is why our customers choose us at AMAS and the reason why at AMAS we choose Brath AB as supplier of search engine optimization. Brath AB has delivered high quality and customized services in a cost-effective way. Moreover, having access to a partner who quickly answers questions and gives good advice is reassuring.


    Magnus is a highly sought-after expert on search engine optimization. As Director of Betfair Poker, I quickly decided to go with Magnus’s services for recommendations for our sites. He did not only offer extraordinary skills and advice, he also did so at a very affordable price. I have recommended Magnus to other colleagues in the industry and they have been extremely satisfied.


    What Does Brath Offer In SEO?

    Search engine optimization is one of the most profitable channels for marketing for companies, both large and small, who work locally, nationally or internationally. By being there right when a potential customer searches for your product (or similar ones), search engine optimization gives a substantial advantage compared to other channels. Being at the top in an important search result can provide a steady source of revenue. Another aspect of search engine optimization is that if you rank well in one search result, you are probably ranking well in other related search results as well.

    At Brath we have an extremely strong team in SEO (Best in the Industry according to a study among Swedish SEO consultants). This allows us to lead the way within SEO in Sweden. We work primarily in three steps:

    Onsite SEO – Review of technology, content and keyword analysis for the site.

    Building Authority – Long-term work on building the site’s authority.

    Follow-up – SEO is iterative, we repeat all the steps over and over again to continue climbing in the list of results and to take over more of the results.

    Many of the customers who come to us have previously had problems with their SEO and that requires a slightly different approach. Sometimes, your previous work, or work done by another SEO agency, can negatively affect the performance of the site. Here, another approach is required at the start of the search engine optimization and at Brath we have experience of solving really difficult problems.

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