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    By showing up at the top of the organic search results (not the ads), you will be able to direct interested customers to your site in a cost-effective and sustainable way. Well-implemented search engine optimization often returns tenfold or even better on the investment.

    It’s easy to think that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something mysterious. Your SEO consultant does something secret on the web and just like that, you’re getting customers from Google. Although SEO can be complex, it does not work like that. When working with SEO we work with an algorithm. Admittedly, it is an intricate algorithm but still nothing more than a computer trying to understand and sort information on the internet.

    Multi Award-Winning Company

    Brath has received many awards in several areas. A few examples are Bäst I Branschen (Best in The Industry), Årets Normbrytare (The Norm Breaker of the Year) and DI Gasell, twice. We work actively to be a good partner and that is what produces such results.

    A Northern Company based in Örnsköldsvik and Stockholm

    Brath is a company from Northern Sweden. This means that we might be a bit more straightforward and don’t talk as much as others might do. We believe in being sincere in everything we do, and we do not evaluate our work based on how much we earn, but on how much you earn.

    No Minimum Terms, no Fuss

    One calendar month’s notice, clear reports and a solid professionalism — this is our promise to you. If, against all expectations, you are unhappy with our services, you can easily end your relationship with us.

    Our Search Engine Optimizers

    We are proud to offer some of the industry’s most reputable search engine optimizers. Our experts are involved in each project as they are the ones who come up with the strategies, are responsible for the results and follow up when necessary.

    Aaron Axelsson, Head of SEO

    Aaron Axelsson has held the title ‘Head of SEO’ at Brath since 2014 and has extensive experience in search engine optimization, both in Sweden and internationally, with the most competitive search results.

    Magnus Bråth, founder and search engine optimizer

    Magnus Bråth

    Magnus Bråth founded Brath in January 2012 but had already made a name for himself in the SEO industry. As the winner of the award for Best in the Industry in 2013, and the creator of the largest Swedish blog about search engine optimization, Magnus should be well-known to anyone with an interest in search engine optimization.

    Martin Ek, SEO Analyst

    Martin started his SEO career at Brath as an SEO engineer and is now working as an analyst. Martin’s great interest in search engine optimization has grown over the years at Brath. Previously, he put all this energy into his career as a professional E-sports player. As the title suggests, Martin primarily works with analysing sites and their inlinks.

    Who we help with SEO

    We are convinced that if you had a complete understanding of search engine optimization, if you knew how every agency worked and if you knew search engine optimization inside and out – you would choose us. Today, we help more than 150 clients to be visible in search engines. Here are some examples.

    What clients are saying about us

    Bisnode AB is a leading European data and analysis company operating in 19 countries. We have been working with Brath since 2018 and this partnership has been a tremendous help in the optimization of our sites, both technically and keyword-wise. An efficient and easy cooperation with knowledgeable and professional individuals at a competitive price.


    We are very satisfied with our partnership with Brath. They have helped us become more visible to our customers and candidates in an efficient and result-focused manner. They are helpful and provide tailor-made solutions based on our unique needs. They are very service minded with a ‘no problem’ mentality. We highly recommend them!


    Nordfönster has worked with Brath for nearly two years. We are very satisfied with the assistance that got us to the top of the rankings for the keywords we saw were important in our industry. Having the same contact person throughout has also been a huge advantage. The dialogue is always professional and easy-going, which creates a good relationship.
    We would gladly recommend Brath to others.


    We have achieved amazing results and continuously received all the help we needed. Over the years, we have worked with several agencies that deliver the same service, but Brath has given us what we previously lacked. They have provided expertise and good planning, which made us achieve our goals quickly and smoothly.


    We are very happy with our cooperation with Brath AB. They deliver a quality solution that suits our business and strategy perfectly. It was especially important for us to be able to automate the work to achieve more efficient results, and we can really say that the company has exceeded our expectations here. A big thank you to all staff at Brath AB for all your efforts and assistance.


    “When experience counts, only the best is good enough.” This is why our customers choose us at AMAS and the reason why at AMAS we choose Brath AB as supplier of search engine optimization. Brath AB has delivered high quality and customized services in a cost-effective way. Moreover, having access to a partner who quickly answers questions and gives good advice is reassuring.


    Magnus is a highly sought-after expert on search engine optimization. As Director of Betfair Poker, I quickly decided to go with Magnus’s services for recommendations for our sites. He did not only offer extraordinary skills and advice, he also did so at a very affordable price. I have recommended Magnus to other colleagues in the industry and they have been extremely satisfied.


    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    What can Brath offer within Search Engine Optimization?

    This is how Search Engine Optimization works

    How long does Search Engine Optimization take?

    What we do and what we don’t do

    What is SEO?

    The aim of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is to direct visitors from search engines by taking positions in the regular search results (not the ads). SEO is the work done to make your site appear in Google’s regular search results, not the paid ones. The goal with optimization can be more sales or leads, increased brand awareness or to make oneself the authority on a subject. In Sweden, it is mostly about Google. The visitors that come from the search engines can then do, or not do, what you want them to do on the site. Common goals for visitors include converting them into customers, or having them register user accounts or subscribe to newsletters.

    Thus, the SEO you do needs to be adapted to what you want your visitors to do. If you want a visitor to make purchases on your site, you will need to optimize with commercial keywords that fit your product, in order to be visible. If you want visitors to subscribe to a newsletter, it might be better to use fewer commercial terms and instead focus on volume. The following two aspects are required to achieve this:

    Content, the foundation of SEO

    Your site needs content that is optimized for user intent and it also needs to be presented in a way so that Google is able to interpret it. Google being able to read the content is simply not enough. The search engine needs to see the content as a whole – text, images and technology – as the most relevant in the segment. Well-written text that solves a problem for the visitor is fundamental, but other factors such as having the right product at the right price are also important.

    Authority, The Element You Need to Rank High in The Search Results

    Once your site has the content and technology in place, it also needs enough authority to become visible. Authority in the eyes of search engines consists of a number of different building blocks, but the most important is to be mentioned in links. Your authority will increase if sites with authority in the eyes of the search engines will link to you. Authority building is one of the more complex building blocks of SEO and this is also where you find the biggest competition. Many SEO consultants can handle an acceptable onsite SEO, but authority building of good quality is the exception rather than the rule.

    By using search engine optimization, you can reach visitors that search on Google, Yahoo or Bing just when they are interested in exactly what you sell.

    Millions of searches are done each day on Google, which is the most popular search engine worldwide (Bing and Yahoo together only have a small percentage of the market share). Therefore, regardless of whether your company is large or small, it is vital to be visible. Users do their research online and use search engines the way we once upon a time used telephone directories. Not only can you market your services, but you can also attract all prospective customers who are ready to buy.

    What Does Brath Offer In SEO?

    Today, Brath has about 30 employees as well as offices in both Örnsköldsvik and Stockholm.

    Search engine optimization is one of the most profitable channels for marketing for companies, both large and small, who work locally, nationally or internationally. By being there right when a potential customer searches for your product (or similar ones), search engine optimization gives a substantial advantage compared to other channels. Being at the top in an important search result can provide a steady source of revenue. Another aspect of search engine optimization is that if you rank well in one search result, you are probably ranking well in other related search results as well.

    At Brath we have an extremely strong team in SEO (Best in the Industry according to a study among Swedish SEO consultants). This allows us to lead the way within SEO in Sweden. We work primarily in three steps:

    Onsite SEO – Review of technology, content and keyword analysis for the site.

    Building Authority – Long-term work on building the site’s authority.

    Follow-up – SEO is iterative, we repeat all the steps over and over again to continue climbing in the list of results and to take over more of the results.

    Many of the customers who come to us have previously had problems with their SEO and that requires a slightly different approach. Sometimes, your previous work, or work done by another SEO agency, can negatively affect the performance of the site. Here, another approach is required at the start of the search engine optimization and at Brath we have experience of solving really difficult problems.

    Contact us for more information. The easiest way to contact us is by emailing us at: You can also give us a call at the following number: 020-10 00 08.

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    This Is How Our Search Engine Optimization Works

    The purpose of search engine optimization is for your site to appear at the top of the regular search results on profitable keywords. To achieve this, a few different measures are required and Brath has very good knowledge and experience of achieving first positions. We work with search engine optimization in four steps. They do not necessarily appear in order, but in the order that works best for each individual project.

    Keyword analysis is the first step in every successful search engine optimization project. Here we measure how much demand there is for your various products or services and suggest a strategy as well as important keywords for the project. Together we then choose how we should work. We do not only select specific keywords that will obviously be profitable for you, we also work to find word clouds where we can achieve the broadest possible visibility. Keywords are normally just an indication of how many potential customers can be found in total within the segment and related words can drive at least as much sales as the major keywords. More about Keyword Analysis.

    Review of the site. Based on the keyword analysis, we then go through the site thoroughly and come up with suggestions for improvements. It can be changes in text, navigation, general structure and more. Brath does not make any changes on your site, you always have full control, but we act as a sounding board while you or your web agency make the necessary changes. We continuously work on the site with you, usually by coming up with a strategy for several months at a time. Here we give you input on what you need to do with your site and we also provide you with all the required support.

    Authority. Google assesses your site’s popularity by measuring the links pointing to your site from others. Here we work on building a strong and sustainable profile for your site, and that is what will yield results. In many projects, the work on links is often the most time-consuming. The simplest example is that if you put 100 extra hours on a headline, it will not be 100 times better than it was when you only spent an hour. When it comes to authority, there is always more to do. More links mean an even stronger site. We prefer to handle this work through Outreach, which means that we find site owners and bloggers and try to give them a reason to write about you.

    Reporting and monitoring. We will of course report continuously (monthly) and monitor what happens. Other than creating a report on what we have done and achieved, our project manager also stays in regular contact with you and briefs you on the work being done.

    How Long Does Search Engine Optimization Take?

    Search engine optimization is slow work, and it needs to be. Depending on the segment, as competition varies greatly, you need to be patient for 6-9 months, sometimes longer if the competition is tough, before you can see really good results. Sometimes it goes much faster, sometimes it takes a little longer. With SEO, haste makes waste.

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    Contact us today. We can handle both small and large assignments in a very cost-effective way – search engine optimization should be profitable.

    Contact us for more information. The easiest way to reach us is by sending an email at: You can also give us a call at: 020-10 00 08.

    What We Do and What We Don’t Do

    Search engine optimization is a long-term project and it is important not to stress. We therefore want to tell you that it will take a few months to get started and that is perfectly normal. You should be suspicious if the process is faster than that. The fact that search engine optimization can take time is one of the signs that you work with a serious partner. If you move too fast, Google will be wary since you are probably using methods that the algorithm doesn’t like. If results happen too fast, you need to investigate.

    We don’t guarantee results, and this is probably the most common question we get. There are many reasons for that and the main one is probably that search engine optimization is an investment. You cover the cost, but also take the profit. If we cover the cost, we also want part of the profit. Another reason is that the incentives might end up being the wrong ones; it is always possible to quickly improve the results by taking a considerably higher risk with the site. Our incentives would be that you should take as high a risk as possible for us to make as much money as possible, and this is not how we want the relationship to be. We want to do what is best for you and we need to have a business model that reflects that.

    We have short contracts. We require one month’s notice and we will never make a fuss. If you are not satisfied, you should be able to cancel immediately. This is actually very important to us, so we want to emphasize this a bit more. Since we are sure that you will be satisfied with the search engine optimization we deliver, we have short-term agreements. We believe in our product and therefore we do not need to force you to sign up for a longer term.

    We also differ in other areas from other companies, you can read more about it here.

    Our Project Managers Oversee Your Entire Search Engine Optimization

    If you want, you can sit back and let one of our project managers take care of your entire search engine optimization. The idea is that you shall have one person as a reliable contact, no matter what. You can of course talk to our specialists when you need to, but you will always have one contact person that keeps everything together. The project manager receives help from one or two specialists, depending on what the assignment is. If it is both search engine optimization and advertising, it will be a specialist from both areas. In addition, the project manager always has our production team behind him or her.

    We do not make any changes to your site ourselves. It is better to let you stay in control of what is done. However, we are more than happy to talk directly to your web agency or developer. It makes the work easier for both of us. Search engine optimization is a team effort, and our project managers are good team leaders.