Keyword Advertising Using Google AdWords

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    In order to advertise successfully with PPC, knowledge, planning, analysis and time are required, together with competence in marketing and sales. AdWords is not just about being on the front page, getting high ranking and increasing traffic. It is about finding the right visitors, those qualified leads that are to be converted into customers.

    At Brath, you will find commitment, time and competence in all areas. We help both existing and new clients, whether they have an AdWords account before or need to build one from scratch.

    With us, all customers own their accounts that they may keep in the future.

    Brath AB is a certified Google Partner.

    About the Product

    Keyword advertising, called PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEM (Search Engine Marketing) by many, is available in various forms around the world. In Sweden, Google has about 95% of the market as a search engine, and we have therefore chosen to work primarily with their system, Google AdWords, with our domestic and Nordic customers.

    This service is based on being seen when the potential client is searching for those products or services you offer. Google will only charge when the visitor has made an active choice to, for example, click on the ad.

    Search results are based on bidding, how much you are willing to pay for a click, and a value that Google calls Quality Score. Quality Score is based on many different factors that will come together, including the relevance of ads and the website you land, in relation to the keyword and the actual search term.

    Several different solutions

    In addition to advertising in the search results, you can, through Google AdWords, advertise with images (banners) or text on millions of websites worldwide linked to the Google Display Network. Here, you can choose to place your ads on pages related to a particular topic or select specific websites. You can also use Remarketing (also called Retargeting) for visitors who previously visited your site and then surfed on. If you have you ever, for example, visited a site selling strollers and been haunted by ads showing more strollers, then that advertiser is most likely using Remarketing.

    Google Shopping is another relatively new format of advertising. It will show products with image, price and other information, usually next to the search result. This format is very suitable for retailers who sell many products online. In order to use Google Shopping, you must have a Google Merchant Center as well as a product flow with certain attributes. Google AdWords can be very costly and inefficient if you don´t use it right. Expensive visits and irrelevant ads that do not lead to something sensible might be devastating. Therefore, account structure, bidding strategies, clear goals, and follow-ups are fundamental when investing money in this kind of advertising. Working with competent and Google-certified consultants at Brath can thus be both time-saving, more efficient, and less costly.

    Our approach


    Customer’s business, strengths and weaknesses

    Added values and USPs

    Target audience: where are they and how do we reach them?

    The site’s structure and profile

    Focus areas. What products or services does the customer want to sell? All or only selected?

    External factors, seasons and trends

    Identifying ROI targets


    Search Word Analysis

    Competition and Substitution. Offers and auction information

    Organic traffic

    Current PPC traffic and results (if the customer already advertises in Google AdWords)


    Ensure that the customer does not purchase irrelevant traffic

    Continuous optimization of all parts of the account for improved Quality Score

    Continuous bidding management

    Regular communication with the customer about changes and updates

    Reports and follow-up

    Monthly reporting


    Future planning

    Our clients own their own AdWords account. This means that you as a client have full insight into the work we do on your account and you have full freedom to continue owning your account in the future if, on the assumption, you would end the cooperation.

    We will not tie you up by demanding that you sign up for long-term subscriptions, and we only have a notice of one calendar month. Brath AB is a certified GooglePartner. Visit our partner site here.

    Read more about what it means being a partner.


    The advertising cost is paid directly to Google, while we charge a fixed monthly fee for our work, based on the size of the account and what functions are being used.

    Get in touch today to get a quote. If you have never advertised with AdWords before and want to get started, if you think you could get much more from your current account or if you simply want more information, please contact us!

    If you want to know more: What is Google Adwords?