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A Truly International SEO Agency

This is our first step to becoming a truly international SEO agency. Brath was always meant to be an agency with worldwide search rankings and this is also how the company was born. We started out working in a large number of countries but for a while we scaled back. Now it’s time to go out in the world for real.

Our first clients were all igaming companies, we were already well known in the most competitive industry of them all when we opened the doors to our first office. These clients are by nature international and we’ve done SEO in the gaming segment in more than 20 countries. To scale our business faster we started closer to home and focused more or less only on the Nordics for a number of years. This is about to change.

We are now ready to go global

We can now offer SEO in a large number of countries, probably more than any other agency in the Nordics. We’re not talking about just changing a few titles and headlines, but doing the actual gritty SEO that is necessary to grow the search traffic properly.

If you are already active internationally or if you want help to take launch doesn’t matter, our team of specialists is ready to help in the following markets:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia and all other English speaking markets
  • Spain
  • Latin America and all other Spanish speaking markets
  • Italy
  • France
  • Norway
  • Finland
  • Sweden

The markets above are the ones were we can offer our complete service, in other countries we can still advice and get you started with our partners. Don’t hesitate to ask if you want to go for a country not mentioned here.

Magnus Bråth


Magnus is one of the world's most prominent search marketing specialists and primarily works with management and strategy at his agency Brath AB.

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13 June, 2019

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