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Basic course in SEO

Want to learn SEO from scratch? We have put together a nine-step guide on how you can improve your website to make search engines love it. You will find all the nine steps below.

What is search engine optimization?

Why should you do search engine optimization?

How to do a keyword analysis

The visitor doesn’t land on the home page

How to build a landing page

How to create headers

The text

Every page needs static content

Images, videos, and games

We hope that you will find these articles clear and easy to read. We try to not use jargon or industry abbreviations and when we do use them, we want to be very clear and explain what they mean. However, sometimes we might miss things like that, and therefore we are extremely grateful to receive feedback. If there is anything that is unclear, feel free to contact us.

Search engine optimization can seem incredibly complex and sometimes, that is true. The basics, however, are not complicated and everyone can learn them. With this knowledge, it is possible to come quite far and start earning money on your website. We are convinced that you will benefit from our basic course and we hope that you enjoy it.

Magnus Bråth


Magnus is one of the world's most prominent search marketing specialists and primarily works with management and strategy at his agency Brath AB.

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