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Even though we have done SEO internationally in almost a decade there has always been a special place in our hearts for Sweden. This is where we started and this is where we have the majority of our clients today (it hasn’t always been like that). Sweden differs from other markets when it comes to SEO and this is something you need to know.

First of all, Sweden is a small market, much smaller than the competitiveness of the search results would imply. A study we did a few years ago would show that the US has only about 7 times higher budgets/resources for SEO, if you look at link graphs and content published. Seven times higher might sound a lot but you have to remember that less than 10 million people live in Sweden, it should be about 30 times higher. In a lot of ways this means that the you can’t just adapt themethods from English-speaking markets and expect a positive ROI.

Methods differ for other reasons too. The Swedish language is a small one, barely spoken outside Sweden and a few select areas in Finland. This means that when Google talks about quality of content, they really don’t know at all as much about the Swedish language sites as they would with a bigger language. This also means that a lot of older methods work just fine, those that Google in English speaking countries have put an effective end to. You’ll have to be aware of this even though we might not recommend them, they still add to the competitveness of the Swedish search results.

Our SEO offer

We have been doing great results in the Swedish search for a long time and some of our SEO specialists are ranked as the best in the industry. Swedish news paper Allehanda ranks Magnus Bråth as number 1 and Aaron Axelsson, Head of SEO, is also in the top 10 in Sweden. This from a study made among the most renowned search marketers in the country.  With experience with the most competitive keywords in the world (and top positions in those segments) since 2007 our experts are well equipped to tackle all Swedish segments. Contact us for a quote by using the form or call us on +4620100008.

Magnus Bråth


Magnus is one of the world's most prominent search marketing specialists and primarily works with management and strategy at his agency Brath AB.

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4 November, 2015

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