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31 Tips That Will Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is slow work. Getting to the top with a more difficult keyword can take a very long time. Once you've done that, however, it is most certainly very profitable. A way to constantly move forward is to do something every day; to keep on going. Accordingly, we've put together a list of [...]

Content Marketing – Pros and Cons

Content Marketing has become incredibly popular. People talk about content marketing as the new way to do search engine optimization, as the best way to build brand recognition, and so on. This should be treated with caution. Content Marketing is not bad at all, there are good reasons to look at your content strategy and [...]

Anders Karlsson’s Valuable Insights on Drop Shipping

Anders Karlsson

One of the options you will face as a new e-retailer is whether you should use drop shipping or not. Drop shipping is a solution where your suppliers ship directly to your customers. It can be somewhat tricky to establish. We have been able to get an interview with Anders ‘AndersIvar’ Karlsson, who is one [...]

SEO in Sweden


Even though we have done SEO internationally in almost a decade there has always been a special place in our hearts for Sweden. This is where we started and this is where we have the majority of our clients today (it hasn't always been like that). Sweden differs from other markets when it comes to [...]

Why we started with 6 hour work days

The 40 hour work week (that's standard here in Sweden, I'm aware it differs a bit) can't be set in stone. We started with 8 hour days in the beginning of the last century, are we absolutely sure it's the very best? We at Brath decided we wanted to try something else, we decided to [...]

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